AD outside the box

Sometimes, audio description is just the bare minimum, just to check an accessibility box.

What if audio description was thought about — outside the box?

Along the lines of Chris Danielsen’s interview, Juan suggests an informative prologue that introduces the story elements in a unique or genre appropriate way.

Another idea: What if the audio description voice – was actually a character in the story?

What if the audio description gives an audio easter egg?

Incorporating audio description into an essential element of the story that sighted audiences don’t have access to.

We can be deceived by video, like how our political views shape how we see news footage, or a perception experiment where people get so focused on a task (looking for something in particular) that they don’t notice the obvious. (e. g. when we are given a specific task to do we tend to focus on it and that alters our perception). How enriching might it be, even for sighted audiences, to have AD supplementing their own perceptions?

A neutral video with two versions: each has bias from two different audio description voices.

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