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What does Kevin’s Way do for you?

Audiences get to know right away you are in good hands.

Professional writers, narrators, directors, editors, sound engineers, and quality control experts in AD, continue to give you their expertise and care. And they feel like they are acknowledged for their professionalism.

Content Producers‘ creative vision will reach our underserved blind audiences, which gives their project even more exposure.

Distributors – most of whom are already involved in some capacity in the practice of audio description. They have started down the road but they’re not where they need to be yet, and with inconsistent applications of high quality. Kevin’s Way acknowledges their high caliber of quality and challenges and educates where gaps can be filled. And with Kevin’s Way in place, because of this distinction, they have even more loyal subscribers. Brands are further elevated which leads to even more content. And it feels good.

Kevin Thompson founded The Facebook group Audio Description Discussion, a lively and engaging group of audiences, decision makers, sighed and blind talents, and organizations dedicated to audio description quality and excellence. Through his quiet leadership, Kevin grew the conversation beyond “does it have it or not” to a more sophisticated focus; consistency of high quality audio description (His name means “Fair begotten” and “of noble birth”). Kevin passed away in 2020; this initiative celebrates his legacy.

Listen to his interview on the Know Your Narrator podcast series bonus episode:

A narration seminar Kevin contributed to, thanks to Halp Academy

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Here’s a story about Kevin.

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